This page will help you get started with Meshblu HTTP. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Base URI: http(s)://


Web Browser Bundle

You may include meshblu-http in your webbrowser by using the following link:



Most of our API endpoints require authentication credentials (UUID and secret token) passed in the HTTP headers as meshblu_auth_uuid and meshblu_auth_token respectively.



If you are posting JSON in the body, you must set the Content-Type: application/json

These credentials are generated by registering a device or user with Meshblu via the POST /Devices API (see below). If you would like to associate additional Meshblu devices to the UUID and Token that you created (as a user), you can add an "owner" property to your other devices with the user's UUID as its value.

We support the following device permissions: View/Discover, Send Messages, and Configure. These permissions are manageable by adding UUIDs to whitelists and blacklists arrays with the following names: viewWhitelist, viewBlacklist, sendWhitelist, sendBlacklist, updateWhitelist, updateBlacklist. Note: If your UUID is the same as the "owner" UUID, these permissions are not enforced (you are the owner).